The Dead Speaker Office

Not a family, not a collective but a spirit.

The exact qualifications for labeling a group as The Dead Speaker Office are disputed, but definitions generally rely on the degree to which the organization insists on party, and might involve the transmission of secret knowledge, the creation of personal bonds between members, and the use of dance music which solidify members of the group.

The Dead Speaker Office is a french music label founded in 2009 by the dj duo Tuff Wheelz and focused on leftfield dance music. Looking for innovative and sensitive artists, the label attemps to provide groove, energy, soul, rage, sex, sun, life into the music.

Please send your demo via our Soundcloud

Distribution: EPM
Visual Conception: Studio Dada

Le Cercle Vinylique can be translated as The Vinylic Circle.

This is a private club that gathers, irregularly, around vinyls which, for one reason or another, need to be discussed.
A choice of three records. One per person and per meeting.

Listening sessions are then held, and discussions are usually accompanied by wine and cigars.
In a equally irregular manner we propose, through this website, to discover the members of the circle’s selection, whether they are known or unknown.
Just as vinyls.

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